How to Get Started With Shorter Loop Easily?

Getting Started

Start with your Shorter Loop Journey Now!

1. Start with Logging into Shorter Loop. Enter your work email address or Sign up with Google. 

  • Create a New Account.

2. If you Sign up with Google, click on Sign Up. Choose the email address or enter a new email address.

3. Enter Shorter Loop by filling in the following information.

  • Setup your Product 

4. Glimpse of Different Journeys that you can take as per your requirements

  • Set up your Strategy with Shorter Loop
  • Directly sync your Development workflow with Jira if you’re using 
  • Or start with creating a Roadmap for your Product

5. Click ‘Set up Strategy’

(this is ‘useful’ when you have a product idea that is NOT fully baked or built).

It takes you to the Product Vision canvas in the ‘Discover’ module. 

  • Start with your Product Vision

Note: the product idea and name you’ve given during the login screen, you will see in the field: ‘Vision Statement’ by default. Feel free to edit/update/refine OR you can take the help of Shorter Loop AI icon ->

  • Take the help of Shorter Loop AI to learn more about your Target Audience, Needs, Product, and Business Objectives.
  • Click on the AI button on the top right corner of the respective canvas boxes to generate the desired results. 
  • You can also add/edit the generated results from AI to make it more polished.

Note: Don’t always trust AI. Do add your own inputs or insights, to get a better understanding of the customer segments/personas, their problems, and desired solutions from the target market.

  • Connect each ‘Target Group’ to the respective Persona. 

*Read the Discover Module to Know the connected flow for Discovering the Idea*

Note: If you get logged off by chance and log in,

  • You will be directed to the Dashboard.
  • You can resume your discovery from where you left off. 

Dashboard – 

1. Extreme left Menu  

These are all the Modules you’ll find within Shorter Loop Dashboard. Starting with-

  • Collaborate
  • Discover
  • Define
  • Plan
  • Build
  • Docs
  • Idea Manager
  • Settings

Now other than these, you also find a place to manage your 

-> Budgets set for doing experimentation/discovery and 

-> Set of product metrics needed to monitor your product health post-launch or during MVP  (minimum viable product) success

-> Check your overall usage of Shorter Loop in the “Orange box” of the dashboard (see in the screenshot below)

2. Setup A Discovery Date

(Top left side of Dashboard)

3. Specify Budget 

4. Navigate to the particular Module from the Dashboard itself. 

5. Add Value to the Default Metrics or Delete them and add New Metrics 

Add Value – 

Delete – 

Add New – 

6. Experiments: See all the experiments at One Place 

Extreme Right Menu – 

Click on See All – 

Now you go to each Module and start your product journey with Shorter Loop, also check a quick ‘Product Tour’.

Collaborate: How to use Collaborate in Shorter Loop 

Discover: How to use the Discover Module, what it contains, and how to navigate it

Define: How to Define Impact 

Plan: How to Plan with precision 

Build: How to Build Product Backlog 

Docs: How to create Documents within Shorter Loop 

Idea Manager: How to Manage Ideas from Every Stakeholder

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