How to start with Product Discovery?

Using Shorter Loop

Start with your Discovery Phase at Ease

Once you log in to Shorter Loop, you land on ‘Dashboard’ or ‘Overview’. From there, select the ‘Compass Icon’ as shown below in blue color.

Product discovery - Shorter Loop
Product discovery – Shorter Loop
Shorter Loop – persona canvas

Discover consists of 4 canvases or features.

Product Vision, Persona, Value Proposition, and Business Model

1. Product Vision

  • Write your product’s vision statement you are ideating or you have an existing product and would like to improvise the vision statement.
  • To scale and gain efficiency, take help from ‘Shorter Loop AI’ (i.e. AI-Robot button in blue below)
Shorter Loop AI Generate`

in creating a vision statement to gather some ideas and fine-tune them after that or write them manually.

  • Create your Target Groups with AI by clicking on ‘AI – Robot’ button (generate with AI)
Shorter Loop AI Generate
Shorter Loop – persona canvas

Similarly, take help from AI at every point or add your thoughts manually for the rest of the fields of Vision Canvas.

  • Write the ‘Needs’ of your target customers or groups using or not using AI.
  • Describe your ‘Product’ in detail to get a better understanding.
  • Set your ‘Business Objectives’ to stay aligned with your vision.

2. User Persona

  • Connect your ‘Target Groups’ to their respective Personas.
  • Start with the Details of the Personas
  • Generate their Biography or write it manually.
  • Get to know their Goals. Generate it with AI (click the ‘AI-Robot’ icon as shown below)
Shorter Loop AI Generate`

or add it annually.

  • Add their Gains and Pains to know your Personas better.

3. Value Proposition

From your persona canvas, click on the button ‘Connect Value Proposition’ on the top right. It then takes you to the respective ‘Value Proposition Canvas’. Give the appropriate name of the ‘Value Proposition Canvas’. As you have connected the persona canvas,

  • Connect your ‘Persona’ to the respective ‘Value Proposition
  • Connect your Persona’s Gains to the ’Gain Creators’
  • Connect your Persona’s Pains to the Pain Relievers
  • Describe your Product and Services
  • Conduct Experiments to validate your Hypothesis
  • Connect your Value Proposition to the Business Model
  • Also, directly connect your Value Proposition to the Impact Map

4. Business Model

  • Connect your Value Proposition to the respective Business Model
  • Add your Key Partners
  • Add the Key Activities
  • Add Customer Relationship
  • Add Customer Segment
  • Share your Business Model easily in one click by copying the Link.

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