How to Create a Roadmap in Shorter Loop?

Using Shorter Loop

Shorter Loop supports various types of Roadmaps: Timeline based, Theme Based, Sprint Based, Value Based, Goal and Objective Based, etc. The most important part is creating a roadmap in Shorter Loop is a seamless and agile process, you can create a roadmap either from scratch or by connecting with Jira and able to add those epic, features to your active roadmap.

  1. Navigate to Roadmap from the Left Menu of the Dashboard under Plan.
Navigate to Roadmap | Dashboard | Shorter Loop

2. Start by giving the “Name of the roadmap’’ (where ‘RM-1 cc’ is written in the screenshot below, change that to a meaningful name) and then write the “Objective” of your Roadmap.

Objective | Roadmap

3. Set the interval according to the timeline of your projects. It can be quarterly intervals for the bigger tasks or monthly intervals for smaller tasks. Even you can plan the roadmap as per your ‘sprint interval’ as you wish.

Intervals | Roadmap

4. Find all your ‘Workitems’ on the page itself. Navigate to the ‘Workitems’ and click the dropdown. Add your ‘Workitems’ at the designated interval.

Work Items | Roadmap

5. You can add the ‘N’ number of intervals according to your Project Interval. If you are creating a monthly interval of tasks, add the intervals accordingly.

Add New Intervals

6. Swimlanes are the categories or themes that are important for your roadmap. These could be departments within your organization, phases of a project, types of initiatives, or any other relevant classification.

Similarly, you can add the ‘N’ number of swimlanes depending upon the task assigned to the teams in the set interval.

For example: If you are working on a software development project, you can define your swimlanes as Product Ideation, Product Design, Prototype, Product Development, Bugs, Testing, Quality Assurance, Deployment, Product Analytics Monitoring, maintenance, etc.

Add New Swimlanes

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