How to Create Integrations between Shorter Loop and Slack?

Using Shorter Loop

This guide will walk you through setting up an integration between Shorter Loop and Slack, allowing you to create issues directly from a Slack channel.

Follow the steps below to get started!


How to Setup the Integration Step-by-Step

1. Access Idea Manager

In Shorter Loop, navigate to the left navigation bar and click on “Idea Manager.” This will redirect you to the Idea Manager dashboard.

2. Open Profile Settings

Within the Idea Manager interface, locate the profile section in the left navigation bar. Click on your profile icon or name to access the profile settings.

3. Connect Slack Integration

In your profile settings, find the section labeled “Slack.” Click the “Connect” button to initiate the integration process.

4. Authorize and Map Channel

Follow the on-screen prompts to authorize the connection between Shorter Loop and your Slack workspace. You may be redirected to Slack for authorization.

Once authorized, you’ll have the option to map the integration to a specific Slack channel. Choose the channel where you want to:

  • Create issues from (using the Slack command)
  • Receive notifications for new idea issues.
  • Comment on threads

When it’s done, add the app (Shorter Loop) to the channel.

5. Slack commands and shortcuts

With the integration established, you can now create issues directly from your chosen Slack channel.

6. Creating work items from Slack

6.1. Create the Issue from Slack into Shorter Loop

/sl issue

It will open the issue dialog and will ask for details:

Shorter Loop will automatically create a new issue in Idea Manager based on your Slack command.

6.2. Create the Idea from Slack into Shorter Loop

/sl idea

It will open the idea dialog and will ask for details:

Additional Notes:

  1. Receive notifications in the chosen Slack channel for both new idea issues created in Shorter Loop and issues created using the Slack command.

2. Comment on existing threads on both platforms. Comments from Slack will be reflected in the Shorter Loop issue, and vice versa.